IBG shown to reduce aflatoxins

INFUSED Bbassi shown to reduce aflatoxins.

INFUSED Bbassi Grow with active ingredient Beauveria Bassiana, is a natural symbiotic fungus that lives in the soil, roots, stems and leaves. INFUSED Bbassi Grow, grows with the plant.

Conventional seed treatments using neonicotinoids or other synthetic chemicals have a finite amount that can fit on the seed. They become less effective as the plant grows and are not compatible with nature.

Does not adversely affect pollinators or beneficial insects.

Observed results in corn:

Sweet corn and field corn:  drastic reduction in earworms and root worms, black cut worm, etc.

Field corn:

  • increased yield, higher leaf chlorophyll
  • Reduction in mycotoxins & vomitoxins
  • Increased stalk and leaf mass by 30%

20 Farms results in Midwest and Plains:

2016 IBG treated –DON Fumonison  

2016 control—DON  Fumonison  


2017 IBG treated –DON Fumonison  

2017 control—DON  Fumonison  


2018 IBG treated –DON Fumonison  Zearalenone

2018 control—DON  Fumonison  Zearalenone  64.3 


2019 IBG treated –DON Fumonison  

2019 control—DON  Fumonison  


2020 IBG treated –DON Fumonison  Zearalenone 

2020 control—DON  Fumonison  Zearalenone  324.0 


  • Control against Goss’s wilt, Anthracnose, Gray leaf spot, etc.



Wheat results:

  • Reduction in wheat saw fly and wheat midge
  • Reduction in aflatoxins, fusarium, DON
  • Higher yield
  • Reduction in Common rust, wheat scab


Soybean results

  • Reduction in stemborer
  • Large reduction in nematodes
  • Reduction in white mold
  • Higher yields
  • Effective against Red midge gall



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