Nature Gnaws gets fresh look

Nature Gnaws releases new packaging design for its brand of dog chews.

South Florida-based Nature Gnaws, a family-run business that sources natural ingredients from farmers around the world to create 100% natural dog chews, today announced its new packaging design for their popular range of premium products.  Providing consumers and their four-legged friends with natural dog chews and treats, the company aims to increase shelf visibility and consumer attention to help get healthier choices in the home.  With its fresh, new look, Nature Gnaws seeks to embody the essence of what’s in the package - simple, natural, and delicious chews and treats.  The visual overhaul hits shelves as the company gets ready to celebrate five years of providing pets and pet parents with 100% natural chews.

“We’ve always believed in the products we’ve provided pet parents, and now our packaging truly reflects what families can expect once they open that bag or box, which is fresh, simple ingredients”,” said Steve Mamak, CEO of Nature Gnaws.  “Customers will still recognize our familiar name and logo, and we believe they’ll love the cleaner, brighter and bolder look. This new design is a reflection of our business and us as people; honest, clear, and straightforward. That is our brand, our identity and that’s why we started the company.”

Jay Mokbel, COO of Nature Gnaws, highlighted where the name comes from and really wanted the design to speak to that. 

“More than ever before consumers are looking for healthier options both for themselves and their furry friends and our redesigned package speaks directly to that simple, natural lifestyle. We’re also thrilled to be highlighting our donations to dog shelters across the country, which we didn’t brag about before. The only thing that caught my attention is that Steve is tanner than me in our family portrait on the back of the bag, which I’m not a fan of...but we want consumers to know they are purchasing from a family-run business.” 



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