Open Farm to be proud supporter of its home team

Open Farm to support 2021 Toronto Blue Jays season with recipes, promotions.

The Toronto Blue Jays and Open Farm—the premium-nutrition pet food brand, based in Toronto—are partnering for the 2021 Major League Baseball season. As a proud supporter, Open Farm is ready to bring its hometown energy for the Blue Jays and their fans, as the team opens the 162-game regular season on April 1, in New York against the Yankees. 

To officially kick-off the partnership, Open Farm will be featured in a homepage takeover at, on National Pet Day, April 11, 2021. In honor of National Pet Day, the Open Farm logo will be seen behind home plate, on digital media signage, as well as via social media channels. Pet parents can also expect a co-branded retail promotion, among Open Farm's engaging activities for Blue Jays fans throughout the season.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with the Toronto Blue Jays as a proud supporter. This is a meaningful opportunity to deepen our ties in our home community while supporting an historic organization", said Isaac Langleben, CEO and Co-Founder of Open Farm. "We're excited to see our team back in action at the ballpark, and to share in the joy and positive energy of watching baseball; we know many pet parents in our community feel the same way." 

Langleben added, "We know that as much as proper nutrition is integral to professional athletes, performing at their best, it's also key for keeping our pets healthy and in top shape. That's why we continue to raise the bar at Open Farm on the way we feed our pets, with strict standards for our ingredient-driven products, and a steadfast commitment to animal welfare, as well as the health of the planet."

Pet-loving fans can watch for Open Farm to share creative content, such as "Healthy Game Day Snacks for your dog" using the ingredient-driven products from their premium nutrition lineup, to keep the celebratory spirit and motivation high, in support of the Blue Jays.

For Blue Jays Opening Day on April 1, Open Farm has created "Hit-A-Home-Run High-Protein Beef Sliders"—delicious and nutritious on any day, and especially on Blue Jays game days.  This Open Farm recipe will not only keep the tail-wagging enthusiasm high, but will boost energy enough for any dog's "sliding-in-to-home-plate" moves at the park. 


Servings: 1

1 sweet potato (substitute for buns)
1/4 package Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Gently Cooked Recipe
1 TBSP Open Farm Certified-Humane Goat Milk Kefir

Set oven to 450F.
Slice sweet potato into 2 even rounds. 
Place sweet potato rounds on parchment paper and bake in the oven for 45 minutes.
Transfer to a plate and cool.
Shape Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Gently Cooked Recipe into a "patty".
Layer "patty" and a tablespoon of Open Farm Certified Humane Goat Milk Kefir in between sweet potato rounds.  

Serve, and be prepared for happy-spins and tail-wagging. Your dog will consider you to have "hit the home run" of pet meals. 

Bonus waste-free tip: use any excess sweet potato as a topper for your dog's next meal. 



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