Natural Balance launches new dog food

Natural Balance launches new dog and cat food. 


Natural Balance, the national pet specialty premium pet food brand, has launched its new Targeted Nutrition dog and cat food, made from natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals that help support digestion, movement, mood and assist in maintaining a healthy weight. The Natural Balance Targeted Nutrition line features four dog formulas, Gentle Balance, On The Move, Zen Life and Fat Dogs. Natural Balance also carries a weight management formula for cats called Fat Cats. Each formula is available in both wet food and dry kibble options. 


“As the specialty pet food space continues to grow, shoppers are seeking higher quality nutrition for their pets,” said Brian Connolly, CEO of Natural Balance. “Pet parents are looking for more than just standard nutrients and instead are actively seeking out functional ingredient solutions that help support their dogs’ and cats’ unique needs.”


  • Gentle Balance contains prebiotics to help support gut health and features chicken as the No. 1 ingredient.
  • On the Move helps support dogs’ healthy joints and bones. It includes a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin and is veterinarian-formulated with ideal levels of calcium, phosphorus, copper and manganese for healthy bones and joints. It also contains L-carnitine to support lean muscle mass and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Zen Life made with turkey, a natural source of l-tryptophan, and is flavored with chamomile. The product was designed to help ensure picky eaters and anxious pets enjoy tasty nutrition.
  • Fat Dogs is a delicious, low calorie option for overweight dogs and contains a special fiber and protein blend to help dogs feel full and satisfied. With chicken as the primary ingredient, Fat Dog® is made with targeted levels of L-carnitine to assist with healthy weight maintenance. 
  • Fat Cats is a low-calorie dry formula that is designed for overweight adult cats. Formulated to provide cats with a nutritionally balanced diet with few calories, it offers higher protein and fiber. This helps cats feel full as they lose weight, while still having a complete and balanced diet. 

All Natural Balance products are backed by the Feed with Confidence guarantee which is among the highest and most rigorous in the pet food industry. Every batch of food is tested before being released to the marketplace for the presence of mycotoxins, foodborne bacteria and nutritional ingredient safety at an accredited laboratory. 


Pet lovers can enter the UPC code and lot number on their pet food package on the Natural Balance website to view the individual product’s test results.


“We have a firm commitment to stringent food safety testing,” Connolly said. “This continues to be our focus, and with it our dedication to transparency and traceability.”


In the coming months, Natural Balance will continue to reengage specialty pet food consumers with its trusted and beloved brand, updated digital properties and deploy a full-scale, integrated marketing campaign with exciting new programming and products.


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