Happy Howl offers new breed of dog food

Happy Howl launches dog food subscription service.

Happy Howl believes that a happier, healthier dog starts with better nutrition. The unabashedly dog-obsessed company launches the first three recipes of its dog food subscription service, created with the intention of disrupting the dog food industry while changing the lives of 50 million dogs, one meal at a time. Their mission to help doggos is as clear as the human-grade ingredients they put into each bowl, which include a preservative-free shelf-stable blend of a single-source animal protein, grains and thoughtfully-sourced fruits and veggies.

Dog parents can now log on to Happy Howl’s website to create a tailored meal plan for their pups (and their budgets) that not only fuels them, but also assists Happy Howl deliver on their Happy Dogs Promise to give back to rescues across the country however they need it most. 

The company is launching at a time when the health and longevity of Americans’ pups is paramount. A recent survey* conducted by a team of University researchers found that dogs have played a critical role in helping reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation and loneliness for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Happy Howl understands that dogs are not just our loyal companions but rather our furry co-pilots in life. The tenaciously transparent dog food company is dedicated to providing dog parents the best blend of whole foods to keep their pups happier, healthier and around for more years to come. 

While its transparent and wholesome list of ingredients enhances the lives of dogs who eat it, what truly makes Happy Howl different isn’t necessarily just what’s inside its packaging. It’s the company’s mission to help dogs from all wags of life, no matter what den they call home. The company is working directly with rescues across the country to give back to them however they need it most, whether it’s fulfilling rescue wishlists, supplying emergency vet funds, sponsoring surgeries, or feeding the many mouths in need. 

Happy Howl was founded by young Philadelphia entrepreneur, Colin Buckley, whose heartbreaking experiences with the health of his adoptive husky, Rocky, inspired him to create change in the dog food industry. “We spent years trying different diets for Rocky, from over-the-counter dog foods to prescription dog foods that were more expensive than they were palatable. I would look at his ‘prescription’ or ‘premium all-natural food and couldn’t believe that this was our only option - food that I couldn’t tolerate to look at, touch with my hand or even breathe through my nose when I was opening it,” said Colin Buckley, Founder of Happy Howl.

“Nothing could cure Rocky’s daily vomiting. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and began testing recipes in our home crockpot in an effort to create a diet that was easy on Rocky’s stomach but also gave him the right balance of nutrients to keep his weight healthy,” 

Colin has devoted the past several years to the research and development of Happy Howl, including everything from perfecting the recipes and processing methods to solidifying a commitment to sustainable practices through packaging and environmentally friendly delivery. “I realized after several years of researching canine nutrition, interviews with veterinarians and trying recipe iterations that I could harness that knowledge to bring more transparency into an industry that had failed me and my best friend and help to change the lives of other dogs in the process.” 


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