Magnetic Products celebrates 40 years of delivering magnetic solutions

MPI Magnetic Solutions celebrates 40 years.

The year 2021 marks 40 years of business operations for MPI | Magnetic Products, Inc., the leading manufacturer of metal control solutions. MPI provides peace of mind by manufacturing reliable industrial magnetic and metal control equipment that removes contaminants, separates, or conveys metal in the production process. 

Inflation was at all‐time high in 1981 when MPI's founder and CEO, Keith Rhodes, had a vision to substantially change the way magnets were designed and used in the industrial, metal forming and food industries. Keith knew that customers wanted education regarding the proper use, capabilities, and limitations of magnetic equipment. He also believed in an environment where highly skilled entrepreneurial people could collaborate in as a team and enjoy working to reinvent magnetic products and be rewarded for their success, so he set out to form MPI. The beginning years were tough. Keith did not foresee the hardships MPI would face as a new manufacturing company in a severe recession, but MPI weathered through the difficult 1980’s. Proving that an educated customer is an MPI customer, enabled the company to survive and thrive during those difficult early years to become the leader in product innovation. 

“I have always been fascinated with the rules of physics and how they drive the principles of magnets and related technologies such as metal detectors. I wanted to take that passion and share the basics of physics and how they relate to these products to fill the void where magnets can improve work efficiency,” states Keith Rhodes. “When it comes down to it, MPI helps educate manufacturers on how to control their metal. Whether using a conveyor to move metal, or a magnetic separator to capture and remove unwanted metals from a process line, MPI can provide a solution that exceeds our customer’s expectations.” 

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