CRB opens new office in Florida

CRB opens location in Jacksonville, FL.

Florida’s rapidly expanding biopharma marketplace is a major contributor to advances in pioneering patient therapies and technology-focused health solutions. In order to support the state on this mission, CRB--a leading global provider of engineering, architecture, construction and consulting solutions to life sciences and food and beverage clients–announces the opening of its new Jacksonville office. 

The new work and meeting space deepens CRB’s decade-plus of service to Florida clients and reinforces the company’s commitment to innovative and preeminent client experiences in this important region. The Jacksonville office joins CRB’s southeastern U.S. locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Atlanta and expands CRB’s office count to 21 across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

"CRB’s business strategy is to be a world-class leader for design and construction solutions in our key markets, but also be close to our core clients–creating great client experiences, as well as allowing us access to the best local talent,” said Lee Emel, vice president of the CRB’s southeast region operations. 

“The opening of the Jacksonville office positions us to be even more responsive as a local partner and a trusted advisor who can handle a client’s facility needs, utility upgrades, maintenance and operational improvements,” Emel said. “We are excited to further establish ourselves in the Florida community, which has become a thriving marketplace–vital to the global fight against disease.” 

Under the leadership of CRB’s Director of Life Sciences, Gary Kaplan, an experienced project and account manager with 28 years of industry experience and 18 years at CRB, the Jacksonville office will provide Florida clients with its industry-leading ONEsolution lean project delivery approach. ONEsolution leverages the combined expertise and technical excellence of a single project team to align with clients on cost and schedule without sacrificing safety or quality. 

The approach has been critical to the global COVID-19 response, with several vaccine manufacturers partnering with CRB’s design and construction teams to deliver facilities that could quickly address the world’s urgent vaccine demand.

“CRB has more than 35 years of industry-leading experience designing, constructing and qualifying facilities for life sciences clients–from research and development through commercial manufacturing,” Kaplan said. “This makes us a perfect fit for Florida’s robust life sciences ecosystem.”



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