NUTRO debuts short film

A Tail of Two Farms is about healthy soil practices.

Healthy soil helps grow the healthy foods that fill plates and bowls–but every 5 seconds, the equivalent of a soccer field of soil is lost due to erosion, according to the UN Food & Agriculture Organization.

On November 9, the NUTRO brand will premiere a new animated fable, Tail of Two Farms, a short film narrated by proud pet parent, environmental advocate and actor, Ian Somerhalder. The fable follows the story of neighbors, Arlo the dog and Sunny the cat, who learn from one another about healthy soil practices. 

Through Tail of Two Farms, The NUTRO brand hopes pet parents discover the importance of healthy soil and are inspired to take action. 

The fable is part of a broader program, GREATER GROUND, launched by the NUTRO brand, to support soil health and empower growers to make meaningful on-farm transformations through funding, mentorship and training. 


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