Pet Valu Holdings releases report

Report provides an overview of the ESG factors that help the company reach its goals.

Pet Valu Holdings, the leading Canadian specialty retailer of pet food and pet-related supplies, releases its first Environmental, Social, Governance ("ESG") report for its fiscal year ended December 31, 2022. The report provides a comprehensive overview of key ESG factors that help enable Pet Valu to deliver on its strategic, operational and financial goals.

"Our mission, values and strategy are anchored in the belief that utilizing sustainable business practices across Pet Valu helps deliver profitable growth and create value over the long-term," said Richard Maltsbarger, president and chief executive officer of Pet Valu. "As a result, responsible management of many ESG considerations have long been embedded in how we operate, from fostering strong relationships with our franchisees and Animal Care Experts ("ACEs") to employing good governance practices throughout our organization."

Key highlights of Pet Valu's 2022 ESG report include discussions of how the company:

  • Fosters strong franchisee relationships through robust screening, onboarding and engagement processes, as well as effective monitoring procedures and tools;
  • Provides a welcoming and engaging ACE working environment through a focus on safety, inclusivity and compelling opportunities;
  • Manages energy & emissions to deliver efficiency while contributing to global efforts to limit the impact of climate change;
  • Responsibly stewards its operations, guided by a majority independent, diverse and well-rounded board of directors;
  • Sells safe and high-quality products through strong vendor safety standards, quality assurance and proactive recall procedures.

"We plan to build on the foundation set by our first ESG report in subsequent years," continued Maltsbarger. "As we monitor our ongoing performance across key ESG metrics, we will begin to assess establishing time-based targets, where appropriate, while further strengthening our approach and oversight of these key ESG matters as we grow."

A downloadable copy of Pet Valu's 2022 ESG report is available at

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