All Things Bugs applies for European patent

The patent covers processing, food product development and insect farming automation.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, All Things Bugs pioneers sustainable, eco-friendly technologies using insects and is renowned as the first wholesaler of insect-based food ingredients. Dr. Dossey, a biomedical scientist and entomologist, has driven the company's mission to utilize insects for global food security and sustainability.

The patent's key innovation involves the initial grinding of insects before drying, enabling efficient, cost-effective production of high-quality protein powder from sustainably farmed insects using spray drying technology. This breakthrough builds on the success of its Griopro cricket powder production, solidifying the company's leadership in the edible insect sector.

This European patent covers pivotal aspects of All Things Bugs' technology, including advancements in processing, food product development and insect farming automation. It positions the company as a key player in the global market and sets the stage for expanding its sustainable food solutions within the European Union.

Dr. Dossey expressed his enthusiasm for the patent, highlighting its significance in advancing insect-based food technologies for a more sustainable future. All Things Bugs, headquartered in Oklahoma City, specializes in developing insect-derived food products and is committed to leveraging insects as a viable protein source for the food industry.

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