Hill's Pet Nutrition announces new products

Line focuses on taste preferences of pets.

Hill's Pet Nutrition announces new products and enhancements to its #1 US Vet Recommended therapeutic pet food line, Hill's Prescription Diet, ahead of NAVC's VMX 2024.

Key Innovations Include:

  • Prescription Diet z/d Low Fat Hydrolyzed Soy Canine (Launch: Mid-March 2024)
  • Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Low Fat Canine (Launch: June 2024)
  • Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome Stress Feline (Launch: June 2024)
  • Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Stress Feline New Wet Flavors (Launch: June 2024)

Developed using Hill's Science of Taste, these products focus on taste preferences, ensuring pets enjoy their food while meeting nutritional needs.

Dr. Karen Shenoy, US chief veterinary officer at Hill's Pet Nutrition, emphasizes the importance of addressing multiple concerns and highlights the company's commitment to pets' taste preferences.

Weight Management Initiatives:

  • One in three pet parents doesn't recognize their pet's weight issue.
  • Hill's encourages weight-loss conversations, providing tools like the Weight Gain Comparison Wheel and Flip Cards.
  • The L.O.V.E. Test helps assess a pet's weight by Locating ribs, Observing from above, Viewing from the side, and Evaluating feeding behavior.

Dr. Shenoy emphasizes Hill's role in supporting veterinarians and pet families with science-backed nutrition for various needs, promoting quality years together.

For more information, visit Hill's website [insert website link] and access free tools at endpetobesity.com.

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