Mexican pet food companies engaging with consumers online

Increasingly, Mexican pet food companies of all sizes are understanding the need to engage with consumers via social media and cutting-edge websites.

Courtesy of Chop dog food
Courtesy of Chop dog food

A couple of years back, consumer engagement was one of the most underrated activities for several Mexican pet food manufactures. Generally, mid-sized pet food companies tended to ignore pursuing ongoing consumer engagement activities, while large companies were acquainted with such endeavors. Moreover, the smaller players failed to set up basic inexpensive marketing tools, such as a functional, consumer-oriented website.

Previously, most local pet food companies did not require intense advertising efforts and social media, as they focused on low-priced products offered at higher-rotation channels, such as mom-and-pop stores. As there exist thousands of small, family-owned independent establishments in Mexico, pet food advertising and promotional activity were underutilized at these outlets.

With the increasing use of social media, however, word-of-mouth publicity is becoming more relevant to pet owners. Nowadays, consumers can access positive or negative product online reviews for any brand.

Thus, pet food manufacturers are increasingly aware of the relevance of online consumer engagement activities, including social media posts and, most importantly, launching cutting-edge websites.

Example: dog food brand Chop

An example is the dog food brand Chop, a well-known Mexican product manufactured in the western state of Jalisco. Recently, the brand launched a state-of-the-art, consumer-oriented website that provides thorough information on their products and advises on pet care trends and well-being.

Using a single online platform, Chop is appealing to pet owners by several means. For instance, one key feature of the platform is the call-to-action, encouraging visitors to subscribe to discount programs for purchasing pet food online.

Online presence is the first step

As online sales continue to grow, particularly in Mexico, several mid-sized producers are now launching e-commerce stores. The multifunctional features of these new websites are enabling consumer engagement, regardless of the amount of sales made online.

In today’s world, it is fundamental to build an online presence to provide valuable information on pet care trends to consumers. It is remarkable and positive that the Mexican pet food industry is increasingly interested in understanding and engaging with consumers. After all, increasing competition compels further adaptation to the technology tools available in the marketplace.

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