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Prins Petfoods takes over the Martin Gaus Academy

Prins Petfoods has taken over the Martin Gaus Academy to bring education to an even higher level. Improving animal welfare through education is one of the pillars of Prins, a Dutch family company, producing 100% natural dog and cat food.

The Martin Gaus Academy consists a well facilitated (indoor and outdoor) training center for animal professionals and several dog training schools. It was founded by the well-known dog trainer, author and tv-personality Martin Gaus and nowadays managed by his daughter Sacha Gaus in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

Next level

This new Prins and Gaus combination brings the best of the two family businesses together. Sacha Gaus is very happy with the take-over. ‘Prins can take the academy to the next level’, she says. ‘Prins and Gaus fit well together,’ Prins director Wil Mulders confirms. ‘The Gaus company has a rich history and our job now is to maintain and develop all their knowledge and skills.’


In the oncoming years, Prins will continue to work nationally and internationally on a wide network of sharing knowledge. In addition to the education activities of EduPet, EduVet and the Gaus Academy, Prins will grow to a network of training locations to offer education, including modern teaching methods such as live streaming, e-learning and video.

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