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Earthborn Holistic celebrates Earth Day by planting 17,000 trees

Earthborn Holistic celebrated Earth Day throughout April with double redemption for its UPCs for Trees Program. Consumers and retailers nationwide participated by turning in UPCs from Earthborn Holistic pet food products. Consequently, Midwestern Pet Foods will plant more than 17,000 trees from its UPCs for Trees Double Redemption Campaign in April. This brings the total number of trees that Midwestern Pet Foods has planted to more than 650,000.

Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, Earthborn Holistic is planting trees in deforested areas around the world. Customers collect UPCs from Earthborn Holistic products and mail them in. In return, Midwestern Pet Foods plants trees.

“We’re thrilled that we saw our highest participation in our Earthborn Holistic UPCs for Trees program in April this year,” said Warren Hill, Chief Commercial Officer. “Midwestern Pet Foods strives to produce safe, nutritious pet food while simultaneously increasing awareness about the environment.”

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