5 Petfood Industry blogs, columns in April 2024

In April, Petfood Industry’s staff and contributors covered pet food inflation, regulation, veterinary insights and more.

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Global pet food volume grows, mixed results in U.S.

April 3, 2024 — Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Pet food volume increased globally in 2023, one of the few species sectors showing growth, while in the U.S., different reports showed varying results.

FDA’s evolving role in pet food regulations and safety

April 11, 2024 — Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Proposed new U.S. pet food legislation, plus the return of an FDA-generated controversy, highlight the agency’s significant role, for better or worse.

A proposal to approve ingredients for pets

April 12, 2024 — George Collings, Ph.D.

Streamlining the acceptance process would go a long way towards advancing pet nutrition options for pet food manufacturers.

Pet food inflation slowly declining, producer prices aren’t

April 18, 2024 — Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Year-over-year pet food prices showed improvement in March 2024, but increases are still in double digits compared to 2021, driven by higher producer prices.

Veterinary insights: 4 nutrition challenges with pet owners

April 25, 2024  Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

A veterinarian identified pet owner awareness, time constraints, information overload and, especially, pet obesity among the challenges related to nutrition.

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