Vital Essentials hosts CBD expert at Global Pet Expo

Vital Essentials hosts CBD expert at Global Pet Expo.

Global Pet Expo just got a whole lot more exciting for Vital Essentials retailers. During the Expo, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with the Lead Biochemical Engineer behind Vital Essentials Hemp Chew formulas - Colby Adams. Sessions to meet with Colby will be available in Vital Essentials booth #615 throughout the expo, but space is limited.

Attendees can register for a session in advance. During these sessions, attendees will learn more about what makes Vital Essentials Hemp Chews the most innovative pet hemp product on the market. Colby will cover the follow topics and more. 

β€’ Learn about the canine endocannabinoid system

β€’ Understand the new wave of custom terpene profiles and their benefits

β€’ Find out what’s different about Vital Essentials hemp chew formulas

For over a decade, Colby Adams has worked in the cannabis industry, primarily as a medical marijuana consultant. She has logged thousands of hours providing one on one education and ailment based recommendations. She has in depth experience in all levels of the cannabis industry including; medical marijuana patient consulting & certification in WA state, in lab research, extended learning courses, cannabis production from seed to retail product, as well as purification and isolation of cannabis derived compounds. She is extremely passionate about researching & discovering plant derived compounds and their potential therapeutic applications.

During her education at University of Washington- Seattle, her focus was on plant biology & physiology, chemical separation and molecular identification techniques and understanding biological systems. Additionally, she is a research assistant at Pollack Laboratory studying the influence of cannabinoids is an active consulting agent for Rainier Distillers providing services such as:

β€’ Plant derived product formulation and development

β€’ Terpene blend replication for use in consumable applications

β€’ Chemical isolation techniques

β€’ Lab protocol SOP development

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