TruGro by Layn earns NASC preferred supplier

Layn announces that TruGro has earned accreditation as a Preferred Supplier from the NASC.

Layn Natural Ingredients, one of the world’s largest innovators of natural botanical extract ingredients and solutions serving the biggest brands in food, beverage, nutraceutical, personal care, and pet & animal nutrition for over 25 years, announced that TruGro by Layn has earned the accreditation as a Preferred Supplier from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). 

NASC Preferred Suppliers must meet stringent criteria, including cGMP operations, quality, compliance, safety, certifications and other practices. Being recognized as a pre-qualified preferred supplier ensures that TruGro by Layn natural ingredient solutions for pet supplements have been thoroughly validated, and can be accepted without additional vendor qualifications. The program helps to ensure total quality confidence throughout the entire supply chain. This distinction provides leading pet brands with the assurance that TruGro by Layn natural ingredient solutions for pet supplements are of the highest quality.

For over 25 years, Layn Natural Ingredients has been leading global innovation in botanical extracts. TruGro by Layn, headquartered in Newport Beach, California, offers a wide range of natural extracts and solutions with functional properties that specialize in animal and pet nutrition. With deep proven experience in the industry spanning nearly three decades, TruGro by Layn delivers high quality botanical extract ingredients and solutions specifically designed as natural ingredients for supporting pet health and comfort. TruGro by Layn platforms for pet nutrition include:

·      TruGro AOX – Technological Antioxidants, Preservation

·      trudger CARE – Supplements, Wellness

·      TruGro INTEGRITY – Intestinal Health

·      TruGro RELIEF – Hemp Extracts & CBD, Comfort

The TruGro CARE platform provides brands with cutting edge botanical innovation for pet health supplements to provide dogs, cats and horses with functional health and wellness support, including:

·      Powerful natural antioxidant capabilities

·      Support for healthy inflammatory response

·      Intestinal microbiome wellness

·      Joint health

·      Gut health

·      Immune health

TruGro by Layn is committed to providing safe and efficacious natural, botanical ingredients and solutions to support animal health, and has a keen focus on the growing consumer demand for more natural, functional, healthy ingredients for pets,” said Mary Joe Fernandez, Global Vice President Sales and Business Development at Layn Natural Ingredients. “This NASC accreditation honors our industry leadership and firm commitment to quality and transparency throughout the supply chain, from start to finish. It allows animal andbrands to rest assured that TruGro by Layn natural ingredients and solutions are among the best in the industry.”

For more information, visit TruGro by Layn at Pet Food Forum CONNECT held Sept. 9-10 and 15-17. It will be showcased in the Digital Showroom, where visitors will find a variety of resources including informational videos, scientific updates, and product information. Schedule a meeting with one of its industry experts for ingredient details, technical assistance, and formulation guidance for pet applications. Visit TruGro by Layn on the Web at: or reach out directly to learn how you can botanify your brand with TruGro by Layn today at [email protected].




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