Dienon announces new subscription-based service

Dienon introduces new subscription-based service.

Toronto's eco-friendly pet food manufacturer Dienon announces a new subscription-based service that delivers its sustainable dog food to homes across Canada. Discounts are available to subscribers, who can customize recurring order schedules and pause, cancel or modify orders at any time.

Dienon is formulated with sustainable insect protein, a unique key ingredient that's loaded with essential nutrients, omega fatty acids, and amino acids. Insects require thousands of times less feed, water and space to produce the same amount of protein as traditional livestock. Dienon products have a lower environmental impact than conventional dog foods, so it is of the most eco-friendly and most sustainable dog food brands.

"The addition of a subscription model allows us to be more efficient with our deliveries, helping us track and reduce our carbon footprint. Our commitment with the planet goes beyond our ingredients. From production to delivery, we are continuously looking for ways to be more sustainable," said Mahdi Kerrar, Dienon's founder. "We are thrilled to be able to offer Canadian pet owners an eco-friendly and nutritious option for their furry friends."

Dienon dog food is made with healthy and wholesome ingredients. The recipes also include turkey, salmon, and healthy ancient grains like quinoa, millet, and amaranth, which add important vitamins and minerals and support healthy digestion and immune function.


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