CULT Food Science partners with Umami Bioworks

Companies introduce cat treat with cell-cultivated fish.

CULT Food Sciencea pioneer in the investment, development and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, is proud to introduce Marina Cat, a hybrid cell-cultivated pet food brand for cats developed in partnership with Umami Bioworks.

Marina Cat is a blend of ocean snapper, cultivated by Singapore-based biotech startup Umami Bioworks, and enriched with Bmmune to provide a high protein, low calorie snack with super savory umami flavors that cats enjoy. With its unique nutritional properties, this first of its kind treat provides benefits to a cat's cognitive function, based on its high levels of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acid chains. Studies have shown that DHA and EPA provided in the treat can boost brain, vision and nervous system development in cats and kittens.

Human impact on the oceans extends beyond our own consumption of seafood. Cats, in particular, are obligate carnivores; their bodies do not digest plants well enough to provide enough nutrients for their survival. Pet owners simply cannot avoid feeding their cats animal products to meet their basic nutritional needs, which causes a surprising amount of strain on the global fish supply. In 2008 it was estimated that the amount of raw fishery products directly used by the cat food industry equates to 2.48 million metric tons per year. Marina Cat has all the animal-derived nutrition of caught or farmed fish, but none of the harmful environmental impacts of commercial fishing. 

Production of Marina Cat products is expected to begin later this year with widespread availability anticipated in 2024. This groundbreaking release represents a world first for the pet food industry, an estimated $150B global market, using cell-cultivated technology to make food in ways never before possible.

Management Commentary

"My vision for the future is that we no longer have to slaughter other animals to feed our cats," said Joshua Errett, VP of Product at CULT. "This brand brings me one very great step closer to making that a reality."

"We are pleased to be embarking on this partnership with Marina Cat to power a new category of cultivated pet food products that are healthier for cats and better for our oceans. As a platform technology provider, we are committed to delivering the technology stack that powers commercialization of cultivated products across a range of applications. This first collaboration with Marina Cat and CULT Food Science is the first step to delivering on that promise," said Mihir Pershad, CEO of Umami Bioworks.

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