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New partnership offers online ordering of prescription pet food in Canada

A new partnership is adding additional functionality to a Canadian e-commerce platform for prescription pet food.

myVETstore Canada Inc. is making it easy for all Canadian veterinary clinics to offer their clients the simplicity of online buying for pet foods requiring a veterinary prescription. And a convenient automatic re-fill option ensures pet owners don't run out of the prescription food their pets need, resulting in better pet health and welfare.

The partnership formally brings together Veterinary Purchasing Co. Ltd., Canada's largest single veterinary distribution facility, and Acumenex Veterinary Solutions Inc., leaders in webstore software for the veterinary industry.

"The formal partnership created through the formation of myVETstore Canada lets us advance to a new level of service offering that would not be possible without the support of a distributor like Veterinary Purchasing," says Acumenex CEO Kathy Davies. "It's a great way for veterinarians to extend the trusted relationship they have with their clients and their shared commitment to the health of their pets."

Veterinarians can offer online ordering through myVETstore to their clients by adding the link to their websites, enabling pet owners to purchase any prescription-based food prescribed to their pet for home delivery or pick up at their clinic. The low cost platform is developed and maintained in Canada.

A wide range of other pet-related items are available for order at the same time. All order fulfillment logistics are handled by Health Canada licensed veterinary warehouse facilities across Canada, so individual clinics do not have to manage inventory, deal with e-commerce transactions or take care of order fulfillment.

"Veterinarians are pleased to provide their clients with this new level of customer service in the form of 24/7 access to prescription diets, including the automatic refill option," says Veterinary Purchasing CEO and myVETstore board member Rick Culbert. "We know there is higher compliance with prescription-based diets when pet owners have the convenience of online and automatic re-ordering. This means pets stay on their appropriate diets much longer, resulting in healthier pets living longer lives."

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