Mr Bug offering sustainability products

Mr Bug offering sustainability lavender garden products.

Sustainability comes in many sizes and guises, and whilst MR BUG is making its name with its ethical stance on entovegan nutrition (the UK’s 1st homegrown mealworm farm in UK), backing the rural economy (Devon-based disruptor), its proactive support of the circular economy (mealworms are fed on Cornish wheat bran but give back frass-nutritious bug poo) and use fully recyclable packaging (fully recyclable cardboard) it’s nice to see that also from a small consumer gift perspective that Mr Bug remains on point.

This spring sees Mr Bug offer any bug bites recipient a very pouch of British grown lavender seeds to make your garden extra ‘scenty nice’ this summer.  

Besides looking lush and smelling serene, lavender is well known for keeping unhelpful bugs at bay (ticks, fleas and mosquitoes) whilst acting as a floral magnet for beneficial pollinators (bees & butterflies).

It’s a small win but you can’t deny that MR BUG’s thinking is sustainably joined up.


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