CULT Food Science announces launch of Noochies!

The freeze-dried snacks are now available for sale in North America.

CULT Food Science Corpa pioneer in the investment, development and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, is pleased to announce Noochies! Freeze-Dried Dog Snacks are available for sale at

The launch of Noochies! Freeze-Dried Dog Snacks marks a significant milestone for CULT as its first product available for sale in North America. Noochies! treats are crafted using a patented manufacturing process to produce an ultra-premium, cruelty-free and climate-friendly product.

Products are for sale initially in the continental United States but are for purchase globally by contacting [email protected].

With the launch, CULT Food Science has developed the world's first commercially available freeze-dried cultured protein. The formulation was specifically designed to be high in protein to meet pets' daily protein requirements, but also provide the animals with meaningful amounts of fiber, immune-boosting B vitamins and gut-pleasing fermented ingredients. Independent third-party testing has shown that Bmmune, the foundational ingredient in Noochies!, exceeds industry-defined standards for protein and amino acids and is a viable if not better alternative to popular premium animal ingredients like chicken and lamb.

Outlook and future plans

CULT anticipates strong demand for Noochies! dog and cat treats, projecting substantial revenue growth in the coming quarters. With an increasing focus on responsible pet ownership and the growing awareness of sustainable food sources, Noochies! are well-positioned to capture a significant market share.

The company will be announcing the availability of cat treats in the near future and is planning to expand its Noochies! product line in the coming months to include nutritionally-complete food as well as supplements for dogs and cats, ensuring a wide range of options to cater to pets of all preferences and dietary needs.

To celebrate the launch, Noochies! is offering free shipping on all orders and an additional 20% off with the promo code TAKEOFF20 from for a limited time.

"We are excited to introduce Noochies! treats to pet owners who seek the best for their beloved companions," said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of CULT. "Our commitment to innovation, sustainability and animal welfare has driven us to create a line of treats that not only deliver the taste our pets enjoy but also promote the well-being of the animals.

"Introducing a new kind of pet food to the market is extremely rare, and so I'm very happy to be a part of this launch," said Joshua Errett, founder of Noochies! "I'm even more excited because the two main beneficiaries of our new foods are ones I deeply care about–our pets' health and the environment."

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