IPN goes carbon negative

IPN first in the UK to go carbon negative.

As a business we have a responsibility to do more and be a force for good in tackling real-life issues that are important to us all. This is why we are proud to announce that IPN is now the UK’s first major pet food manufacturer to be carbon negative.

This milestone is part of our newly launched ‘Positive Pawprint’ project – a bold ambition to become the most sustainable pet food manufacturer in the country and focusses on People, Pets and the Planet.

The project sets out a host of environmental goals, such as using more recycled packaging and green energy. It also has a focus on social responsibility – starting with a new Miles and Meals campaign. This urges pet owners to walk, run or cycle as many miles as they can and IPN will then select from a network of animal charities and shelters it works with and donate a meal for every mile.

Corporate marketing executive Hannah Page, said: “We’ve all spent a lot of time indoors in 2020 and it’s clear that taking exercise with your pet really helps improve physical and mental wellbeing.

“So we wanted to give people an extra reason to get out and about, in the knowledge that each mile will fund a meal for a pet that needs support.”

In addition to this, we have offset each of our employees annual carbon outputs and are also planting a native British tree on behalf of everyone at IPN so that we can go above and beyond. It is something we will continue for all new starters as they join our growing business.

To reach carbon negative status, IPN worked with Carbon Footprint to calculate its production emissions, which then guided investments above that amount in renewable energy projects.

CEO Richard Page said: “Lots of companies are now promising to address climate change in the coming years, which is good to see – but we didn’t want to set a distant future pledge for something that could be done today.

“Sustainability isn’t new to us, it’s part of our DNA as we’ve always tried to make the right choices for people, pets and the planet and led the way when we launched Harringtons into compostable bags back in 2009.

“Becoming carbon negative is the next big step towards our goal of being the UK’s most sustainable pet food manufacturer.”


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