Vetster honored

Company makes Fast Company magazine tech list.

Vetster, the world's fastest growing veterinary telehealth and pet care marketplace, announces that it has been named to Fast Company's third annual Next Big Things in Tech list, honoring technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries—from healthcare and security to artificial intelligence and data.

This year, 119 technologies developed by established companies, startups or research teams are highlighted for their cutting-edge advancements and potential to impact consumers, businesses and society overall. While not all of the technological developments are available in the market yet, each one is reaching key milestones in order to have a proven impact in the next five years.

With the pandemic pet boom placing extra strain on an existing vet shortage, Vetster is solving a problem: increasing access to care and an ongoing labor shortage. Through pioneering a new era of pet healthcare–one that prioritizes transparency, personalized care and convenience Vetster is not only creating a more seamless experience for pet parents 24/7 regardless of location, but also empowering more than 6,000 veterinarians to set their own availability and rates.

"We're delighted that our innovative approach to veterinary care is being recognized by Fast Company's 2023 Next Big Things in Tech Awards," said Mark Bordo, co-founder and chief executive officer of Vetster. "We are on a mission to connect pets and their owners with digital-first veterinary and pet care solutions through our innovative marketplace platform, and we will continue to evolve and expand our services to uphold this principle."

"The Next Big Things in Tech is not just a look around the corner—it's a look around the corner after that," says Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company. "These are the products and ideas that will define technological innovation for the rest of this decade and beyond—and solve some of the world's most pressing issues. We are thrilled to honor the organizations that are making them a reality."

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