United Petfood continues decade of acquisitions, buys Vital

Dog and cat food manufacturer United Petfood signed a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of Vital Petfood Group in Ølgod, Denmark.

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Dog and cat food manufacturer United Petfood signed a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of Vital Petfood Group in Ølgod, Denmark. Vital Petfood Group produces dry and semi-moist cat and dog food for private labels and its own brands, Go Care and Go Care Royal.

United Petfood specializes in private labeling dry pet food, wet pet food, treats and snacks. The Belgian family-owned business operates pet food manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Romania and Turkey. The group also runs five production facilities in France, three in Poland, three in the UK and six in the Netherlands. United Petfood sells in more than 95 countries. The company realized an annual turnover above €1.2 billion (US$1.3 billion), according to a company press release. The company’s annual revenue in 2022 was approximately US$800 million, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Companies database

Last year, in December, the company acquired Dutch company De Haan Petfood. De Haan is located in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands, and specializes in the production of wet dog and cat food in the form of high-quality meat chunks in gravy. 

In February 2023, the company acquired a stake in Turkey-based Lider Pet Food, which remains independently managed. Lider Pet Food was established in 2009 in Salihl, Turkey. The company’s annual revenue in 2021 was US$98,000,000, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Companies Current Data

In November 2022, United Petfood acquired dry dog and cat food production facilities of Cargill in Krzepice, Poland and Karcag, Hungary. The two sites produce dry pet food for cats and dogs. Cargill retains ownership of its pet food brands and will continue to provide a portfolio of its branded products.

These were only the most recent acquisitions by United Petfood. The company bought numerous others over the past decade.

United Petfood history

2023: United Petfood acquired a stake in Turkey-based Lider Pet Food.

2022 (April): United Petfood acquires Neodis Mornac, a French producer of dry pet food for dogs and cats.

2021 (October) United Petfood acquires Teeling Petfood, a Dutch producer of wet food for dogs and cats.

2021 (March): United Petfood acquires the UK's Cambrian Pet Foods.

2020 (June): United Petfood acquires Jonker Petfood.

2020 (April): United Petfood acquires the IAMS Europe pet food plant in Coevorden, Netherlands, from Spectrum Brands. 

2020 (January): United Petfood acquires Effeffe Petfood.

2019: Acquisition of production site in Pieve Porto Morone, Italy. Acquisition of a factory in Radom, Poland.

2018 (July): United Petfood acquires Bynsa Group.

2018: United Petfood opens a new factory in Biskupice, Poland. Acquisition of a production site in Coevorden, the Netherlands, a new factory in Zaragoza, Spain, and a new factory in Buftea, Romania

2017: Acquisition of Crusty Food in France; development of 95% organic pet food

2016: United Petfood obtains growth capital from Waterland Private Equity Investments.

2015: Acquisition of a production site in St. Martin (Nantes), France

2014 (July): United Petfood acquires Petfood Plus à Yzeure, a production plant in France, bringing its total number of manufacturing facilities in France to three, and five overall.

2013 (July): United Petfood announces its takeover of Continentale Nutrition's dry pet food business in France, including a dry pet food plant and a biscuit plant.

2003: The company opens a production site in Ghent, Belgium.

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